Something is out there. Chasing you day and night. And there is no way it’s gonna leave you. It’s gonna be with you to harass you for the rest of your life. And you know what it is? Fear.

Be it Darkness, Ghosts, Animals, Magic, Exams or Believes, It’s always coming for you. The moment you think you escaped, it’s gonna be ahead of you and come and boom you in your face.

However, the fact is that FEAR is a soul without a body. And in order to function, it requires a body which is why it enters into your mind. Your mind loves his new buddy so much that they constantly manipulate you, making you question at each and every stage about what’s next.

So from this, it’s quite obvious that the only person to help you get rid of you is you yourself. And for that the…

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I was in 10th grade and one of my tuition classes were going on and I heard my tuition teacher pronouncing a word ENTREPRENEURSHIP. This was when I heard the word entrepreneurship for the first time. It may have happened that I could have heard it before also but here I mean I came to know about what it actually is. My tuition teacher (Gauri Shankar Sir) who contributed a lot in making me what I am today, was as usual giving a lecture on his subject Mathematics when out of nowhere we landed on this topic of WHAT IS ENTREPRENEURSHIP?

At that point of time I learnt that Entrepreneurship in simple words, is opening up something of our own, it can even be a small business owned by ourselves.

From that day, there was always this curiosity in me to know more about it. When I moved to my 11th grade I told my mentor that I knew what entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are but the questions that come to my mind is What is their first step to achieve what they thought? Where do they go? Whom to approach? And as expected he didn’t give me my answers instead he suggested me to watch AWAAZ ENTREPRENEUR, a TV show broadcasted on CNBC AWAAZ channel. Here, I can tell all wanna be entrepreneurs that it’s a show which no one can afford to miss. It taught me that new ideas almost occurs to everyone, the only thing that differentiate you from other successful entrepreneurs is that you don’t know how to frame and present that idea in a practical manner, which is in short according to me, is telling yourself that you are not smart as you think you are.

According to Elon Musk,

 “Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive, and determination of the people behind it as the product they sell.”


Entrepreneurship is about freedom of doing everything that you love to do. This can be easily explained by looking at the life of the one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time ELON MUSK. Elon moved from starting up a web software company Zip2 to making an online payment platform PayPal to exploring the world of space by founding SpaceX. It is the largest private producer of rocket motors in the world today.

Entrepreneurship has its own benefits and drawbacks, But more important is the way how you look at it. After exploring different aspects of ENTREPRENEURSHIP in almost all possible ways I came to a conclusion that

“Entrepreneurship can be defined as the mixture of what we call innovation, passion, ideas, implementation, huge risk and that spark of standing up on ones feet even after falling again and again leading you to create one more success story.”